Forster Course

If you’re in Forster, we invite you to join us for a day of play at the Forster golf course!  One of the friendliest seaside courses on the north coast, the Forster course attracts a large number of social golfers year round.  At 4868 metres, Par 66 for the men and Par 68 for the ladies, its generous fairways and forgiving rough are major factors in attracting golfers out for an enjoyable experience.

However, don’t be fooled by the course’s short par 4s.  The smaller greens, the seabreeze, bunkers and water hazards are not to be disregarded and have brought many a good round unstuck.  While your game is sure to be fun and relaxing, there is also just enough challenge to ensure things stay interesting.

The course is nestled just off Forster's One Mile Beach with holes 1 to 6 of the front nine on the beach side of the club house.  The ocean breeze and glimpses of the sand are sure to remind you where you are.  Be sure to visit us today to try out a round, and if you’re interested in playing more often, become a member.

Hole 1

A strong Par 3 to start.  179m with a water hazard left of the green, bunker short right and a green that slopes from back to front.  Keep it straight and under the hole for an uphill chip or putt.

Hole 2

Challenges the longer hitters, dogleg uphill to the right at 299m with OOB along the right hand side.  Trust your driver enough to fly it over the OOB and shorten up the hole.  With an easterly sea breeze a drive to the corner is the safer option to leave an uphill shot into the green.  A large tier runs across the middle of the green.  A good approach needs to be on the same levels as the hole.

Hole 3

Doglegs left back down the hill around the 2nd hole. 307m the longer hitter can again go for the green.  Be aware of the water hazard amongst the trees on the left of you and don't get all of the drive.  Position is the key as with most of Forster's shorter holes.  Hit it to the corner to give yourself an easier approach.  The green slopes from right to left with two bunkers guarding the front of the green.

Hole 4

Heads straight out to sea, 147m, this open Par 3 is surrounded with trouble.  The water hazard that crosses the fairway works its way to the right of the green to catch a wayward shot.  Bunkers right and long make hitting this small green in the wind a great challenge.

Hole 5

Doglegs left along the beach, 325m, no reward for the long hitter as the water hazard near the green is definitely in play.  Aim to be 100-120m for your approach and you will be in good shape.  Green is relatively flat, only danger is the hazard over the back.

Hole 6

Tough Par 3, 166m, slightly uphill.  Avoid the palm trees to open up the left side of the green.  Players are often rewarded for shots hit left which come down the slope back onto the green.  The green slopes severely from back left to front right; shots hitting right of centre often roll off the green right.  Leave yourself an uphill putt if possible for your best chance of a one putt.

Hole 7

Straight Par 4, 374m, water hazards left and right start over half way down the hole.  Longer hitters need to watch the right hand side hazard as it starts close to the fairway’s edge.  A small tier runs across the green with the front half sloping more towards the front. Bunkers left and right to catch a miss hit shot.  The small paper bark tree on the front right catches plenty of shots as well.

Hole 8

Uphill Par 3, 145m, this hole plays a club longer for its distance.  A bunker guards the front left.  No trouble right, but not the easiest of chip shots from short or right of the green.

Hole 9

Slight dogleg right, 337m.  From an elevated tee shot to the fairway, the approach shot is then back up the hill. The narrow green slopes from back to front, and to the centre from both sides making it a difficult green to chip to from off either side.  A par here is fine, birdie a bonus.

Hole 10

A strong Par 4, 381m, a narrow fairway with a water hazard down the left hand side.  Another water hazard guards the front right of the green for any miss hit shot. Too far over and you're out of bounds.

Hole 11

Par 3, 150m, a water hazard runs down the left hand side, with a large gum tree and bunker also guarding the left hand side.  A small paper bark and bunker to catch any miss hit to the right.

Hole 12

Par 4, 403m, dogleg slightly to the right and rated number 1 on the index.  A drive between the two palm trees down the fairway is the perfect line.  No problems for the longer hitters to go at the green in two.  Lay up short of the hazard if you are not sure.  Water runs down the right hand side and crosses the fairway around the 110m area from the green and continues along the left.  4 is a good score here.

Hole 13

Par 5, 439m, dogleg right past the Memorial Services Club.  OOB all the way down the right with the club catching plenty of stray shots hit to the right.  Play your drive conservative line down the left with this easy reachable Par 5.  Keeping your tee shot in play is the key. Longer hitters can play the aggressive line down the right to leave a short iron in.  Water hazard short left of the green and a bunker long.  Birdie here is a real chance with the hole giving up its fair amount of eagles.

Hole 14

Par 3, 135m, a water hazard on the right hand side catches plenty of shots with bunkers to the left if you overprotect from the water.  The green slopes from back to front towards the water on the right.  An uphill putt is ideal for a better chance of a one putt.

Hole 15

A good Par 4, 333m, a narrow fairway with a water hazard down the left hand side and another crossing the fairway about 180m from the tee.  Most players lay up short of the water, but the longer hitters can blaze away through the narrow opening on the other side of the creek.  A relatively flat putting surface with OOB long over the green.

Hole 16

A great short Par 4, 251m, a narrow fairway with OOB all the way down the left hand side and over the green. Water hazard crosses the fairway about 200m from the tee and raises the question: go for the green or lay up? The hole has its rewards going for the green, but for a short Par 4 has undone plenty of good rounds.  A small tier runs across the middle of the green.

Hole 17

Par 3, 127m, a narrow green with three different putting levels and a bunker guarding the left.  Distance control is required to keep your ball on the right level.  Generally playing back into wind this hole has its challenges.

Hole 18

Par 4, 370m, a nice easy driving hole to finish, wide open fairway with plenty of room.  This hole can play long into the wind with the green slightly elevated and a tough putting surface.  Plenty of slope from back to front, the green is protected by a bunker on the front left and getting it up and down from the right has its challenges. On a windy day 4 is a good score on this hole.

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